Upgrade or Custom Build?

Hello, recently I have been in a dilemma. I have been debating whether to upgrade my existing PC or build one. Here are my specs:

Case: Standard Dell Inspiron 530 case, not slim, don't know what to call it :??:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.4Ghz
RAM: 2gb DDR2 @ 800Mhz
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GT 610
PSU: 450 watt, only 16.6A on combined 12V rails
Motherboard: Foxconn G33M02

I would have to upgrade the PSU to probably 500 watts, RAM to 8gb, Graphics to a HD 7870, and possibly a SSD and a new processor. I just don't know if this is a good move for down the road. Money is a issue :( , that's why I haven't just built one. I would like to get some advice from someone who has more experience.
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  1. What do you want to do with your computer and want are you wiling to spend on the complete build (shipping and handling included).
  2. Mainly gaming and some exporting/recording, and if I built one it would be about $917
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    Hi Rainbow Meatballs.

    Upgrade your powersupply and GPU. You will see a world of performance.
    The 610 is a super crappy card which you can use for PhysX. Even a 7770 or 7850 would be a big boost.

    No need to upgrade your ram for now.
  4. When I bought my GPU, I knew it was crap, I just needed to get something other than the integrated graphics. And I definitely need at least 2gb more of RAM, above anything else, Everything runs very slow and crashes a lot. But thanks a lot for your advice.
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  6. Make sure it's DDR2.
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