Gaming Computer, ordering tomorrow

Hey there guys, would just like you to check out my build before i order it tomorrow.

the case, wireless card are a must any other items can be changed to be cheaper or better, i thought the orange fan was a nice touch:). please keep the price under 1650.00. I will be using this computer for World of Warcraft,Diablo 3, and several FPS games, i plan to stream or record them while im playing. any sugesstions are welcome. Thank you!
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  1. Uhm, please specify "other games"

    You could save a lot of money by cheaping out on parts you don't need, for instance, unless you do SERIOUS overclocking you will NEVER need that water cooler. If you have access to a PC elsewhere, you could save much money on windows 7 by visiting a bay..
  2. kk ill tone down the cooler, and fps' like Battlefield, counter strike, Tribes and blacklight retribution.
  3. Ok, well you can seriously tone this build down, I`ll edit it real quick for you: here

    I removed win7 because you can be a pirate, and I removed the water cooling since the stock cooler will keep it cool enough, and some people manage to OC to 4.2 ghz with stock cooler... anyways, I downgraded to 23' because the dell has a REALLY nice style on that screen, its got a screen which blocks sunlight, meaning no glare, and its viewing angle is great, and 23' is the best gaming screen, ever.

    I also replaced the 670 with a 7950 because the 7950, which I have atm, runs BF3 at around 70-80 on ultra high settings.
  4. Thank you so much for the quick reply and the insight! appreciate it. any other suggestions would be great.
  5. Sure, if you didn't want to SLI or crossfire or anything like that, you could get a cheaper mobo, and I mean cheap, I have a 50$ one that I bought on a budget, the H61M DGS that works GREAT! The only back draw is 1 graphics card and only 2 ram slots, and no overclocking. But either way that's okay because I fit a 7950, i7, and 16GB of ram into it, no problemo. Other then that the build seams to be pretty friendly.
  6. I was thinking about getting maybe a second graphics card later on as a upgrade, that is why i was considering a this mobo and i have heard its one of the best around. would it be better to get a complete new card, or just a second one when updating the graphics card?
  7. Right now get the 7950, and if you can afford it, a 7970, I say this because right now you may not have 2 cards and you just drained your funds, but in a year when you have funds you have a really nice card sitting there ready to be SLI, thus reducing costs.
  8. Which 7970 do you recommend?
  9. DD I have the 7950 DD atm and its AHHMAZING.. On another note... Atm I run BF3 on 60-80 fps, why not get the 7950 atm, and then buy another 7950 down the road? I say 7950 instead of 7970 because there isn't much point in getting anything over 60hz screen, and this runs BF3 over that rate.. so I would say you could save some money here.
  10. alright thanks man. I am still open to suggestions from others!
  11. ill be checking this all tomorrow if anyone has any ideas
  12. You should consider the Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 or any similarly priced mobo. $200 really isn't necessary for a Z77 mobo - you're money could be better spent elsewhere or saved. I'd also recommend a 24" monitor over a 23" one. I've heard the difference is noticeable.
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