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Hey again, I wanted to know if the gaming setup im making can at least run games like crisis and battlefield 3 at constant 60 frames on low detail or on high settings.

My Custom Build Specifications (for Christmas hopefully)

Motherboard: ASRock 760GM-GS3
CPU: Phenom II 965 (not black edition because idk how to overclock or if my board supports it)
RAM: Corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz
Graphics: GTX 550 Ti
Power Supply: coolmax 600W
Computer Case: Cool Master HAF 922
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    I would say something in between, you could probly run auto config (BF3 has a settings where it sets up a configuration for you) and get a nice med-high setup.
  2. at a constant 60 or 30 frames?

    dude whad'up with that link on your post XDD
  3. No no no, I mean like are you playing heavy BF3? because other games take way less to run smooth.
  4. Oh, and yes, the link is le sexytime
  5. like in a 64 player map with jets and f***ing tanks shooting and building crashing and stuff?

    I sent that link to everyone I knew XDD
  6. yeah thats what I mean, and if you play often.

    And yes, that link reminds me of my friend who isnt gay, but has around 15 girl-friends (friends that are girls) and doesn't get it in with ANY of them EVER, and half of them have either a really nice ass, or really nice tatas, and one is even bi, meaning shes up for a threeso... lets get back to this >.>

    Please list the games you wanna play, 1 being the most wanted
  7. Battlefield 3
    Crysis Wars (kinda fun)
    Red Alert 3
    Medal of Honor Warfighter

    and yes these games I do play often
  8. Yeah I would say 550 TI would run medium-high or so, which isn't bad considering the only real visible graphics difference is going from low-medium, after that its about the same. And thats coming from someone who has a 7950
  9. great now lets hope I get the cash to finish this build thanks for your help and... good
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  11. :D ty
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