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Hey TomsHardware,

So my fiancees computer's keyboard works to log in, but once the computer has finished booting, it works no longer. The mouse works and everything, but no letters come out, the function keys don't work, nothing. Maybe she has a virus or other malware, but ya it doesn't work. Any suggestions?
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  1. Has she tried unplugging and replugging the keyboard?

    If not, has she tried shutting down the computer, replugging, and booting again?
  2. It's a laptop, so no unplugging and replugging, but we have shut down and rebooted multiple times, and tried to enter bios to re enable it, but since the keyboard doesn't work, we can't even get into bios.
  3. Ok well due to the lack of answers or replies or anything on this forum I'm just not gonna come to tomshardware anymore. I know that people don't get paid to answer peoples questions here, but come on.
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