Any potential bottlenecks with this build??

Here is the link. Please take a look.
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  2. what do you mean? not enough room?
  3. Oh, yeah you would only need 1 7950 for 1 monitor bro :).

    Getting 2 is a waste if you only use 1 monitor.

    Get a better case please. :)
  4. I want to have the ability to use graphic-intensive mods on my single monitor. (e.g. ENB series on GTA 5 and possible crisis 3 mods).

    What is wrong with the case? not enough ventilation?
    I bought 4 case fans with it.
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    Nothing is wrong with the case but it's really a poor man on a budget case.

    You might want to look at other cases. The CM case was clearly not designed for that :).

    If your plan is gaming, then get i5-3570k. No difference in performance.
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