PC2700 vs PC2100

Can anyone answer the following: which memory offers better performance?

PC2700 333Mhz DDR CAS 2.5-3-3 or PC2100 266Mhz DDR CAS 2-2-2

Anyone had any benchmarking experience with these two types of memories? I've been unable to locate any valuable information on which type of memory wins the performance trophy in this case. Since latency is less of a performance gain when the frequencies get higher, I'm assuming that PC2700 has the edge here.
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  1. Only if you run it at a motherboard which has an 333 MHz FSB.

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  2. I don't have any benchmarks on hand to give you a definate answer. The PC2700 is faster in the respect of the number of cycles per second. PC2700 = 166MHz x's 2 whereas PC2100 is 133MHz x's 2. If this was the only data to go on I would say choose the PC2700. However since you indicated the strobes and other latencies, I would say go with the PC2100 because it should process faster due to less time to wait between steps. The PC2700 will run fastest during the actual fill and empty steps but will lag inbetween the steps. Based on your numbers the latencies for the PC2700 will be 7.5ns vs the PC2100 at 6ns. So to make your choice, the PC2700 even with it's speed advantage in actually processing the memory sets but will lag in latencies by about 1 to 1.5 ns.

    Hope this helps. Anyone else wish to comment.

    BTW: If you want to OC your memory then the PC2700 would probably be more apt to handle it.

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  3. Just my $.02, but I purchased PC2400 CAS 2 from Corsair for overclocking with my "big" rig when I finally get the P4 board and P4 1.5 to play with. This is because there is no DDR333 of a trusted brand for me to buy. Or, can someone help me here with a source?
    By the way, prices are going up fast, my 256m PC2400 Corsair went from 62 to 87 bucks in one day when I thought about buying another stick cause the price was so good. AND the crucial memory has gone up 11 to 14 bucks for regular PC2100 256m sticks. They are now about $44. Nuff said bout that.
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