4gb GTX 670 Asus DC2 or EVGA FTW ?

Asus DC2


boost clock to 980MHz



boost clock to 1084MHz

Which one is better? In your opinion?

Looks like the asus one has better fan and cooling,( Well by the look of it )

and EVGA I have heard the warranty is brilliant, also it over-clocked higher.

I am planning 2 way sli- to run a 3 monitors setup
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  1. neither. they are not good options for what you are doing

    get 2 7970s instead. much better for triple monitors
  2. there is a ghz edition if you would like.

    670s are not for triple monitors
  3. if you are getting a 670, id only really chose the msi power edition. overvolting support and pretty much the best cooler (other than the gigabyte which is just as good). careful with the volts though
  4. thanks for you replies, i prefer Nvidia card more, so my choices are within the 670s.

    my case is the bitfenix colossus, so i think the airflow isn't the best, therefore i guess i would choose the EVGA FTW, save some time overclocking as well.

    the mobo is planning to be the Asus Rampage iv extreme, which actually goes really well with the asus card ( looking ) however i am considering the big bang xpower 2 too.

    any thoughts about these would be appreciated.

    Asus rampage iv extreme + 2 way sli evga 4gb FTW + bitfenix colossus case + i7 3820 Oc ( for now, will upgrade to IVB-E hopefully)
  5. BigMack70 said:
    MSI Power Edition is risky at best - I'd steer clear:

    I also think it doesn't come in a 4GB variant.

    as long as you dont go crazy with the volts, its fine. its not like you cant get max overclock with the 1.175v cap
  6. the colosus is huge. airflow is not a problem
  7. BigMack70 said:
    For SLI, I'd probably go with the ASUS DC2 - it's one of the coolest and quietest cards. You could always overclock it a bit if you wanted it to match the FTW's speeds.

    The EVGA is certainly a very good card. When I buy Nvidia again, I'll probably go EVGA just because I've always had a great experience with them. Also, if your case doesn't have great airflow, you'll want the EVGA as it exhausts the heat out the back, while the ASUS will exhaust all its heat into your case (not a problem if you have good airflow but a huge problem if you have like 1 exhaust fan).
  8. TheBigTroll said:
    as long as you dont go crazy with the volts, its fine. its not like you cant get max overclock with the 1.175v cap
    Want to bet money on that ? :whistle:
  9. BigMack70 said:
    That's not really true... 670s are fine for triple monitors. Overall, 7970s are better, but the 670s are certainly fine - it's not like he's trying to grab a pair of 660ti cards :lol:

    Without knowing what games the OP is wanting to play, there's no reason to try to dissuade him from 670 SLI. 7970 GHz edition cards are probably 15% faster or so for the same price, though.

    15% faster? That makes it very tempting. Thing is i have never really looked into the ATI cards.

    i have also notice the 7970 has 2048 cuda cores instead of the 670 1344. Is this going to perform better at the 3D rendering side? However it is now 4gb vram vs 3 gb vram.
  10. bigcyco1 said:
    Want to bet money on that ? :whistle:

    stated it incorrectly. i meant you could already get a very high overclock with the 1.175v
  11. BigMack70 said:
    That depends on how many fans he has in it...

    Planning to have

    in-take fans
    1- 240 in take from the front, however the front panel/cover will always be closed
    1- 240 in take from the bottom

    exhaust fans
    1 - 240mm radiator at the top ( Cosair H100 ) with pull/push config
    1- 240mm exhaust at the back

    Colossus is huge but every time i look at the other full towers, i can tell those has better air flow than the colossus. So i am not sure the air flow will be enough for hot summer.
  12. BigMack70 said:
    What do you mean by "3D rendering"? You can't really compare specs like that, but yes the 7970 is far superior at GPU Compute tasks than the 670 is. So if you're using the cards for something else in addition to gaming, the 7970s might be an easy choice. I don't do any GPU Compute tasks myself so can't comment too much about it.

    Nothing needs 4GB vram, even at triple 2560x1600 screen resolution:

    I'm still trying to find a recent review that would directly compare 670 SLI to 7970 CF at 3 screen resolutions but am coming up blank. I know that 7970 Ghz ed will be faster but I'm not sure exactly by how much. I think 15% is a safe guess.

    3D rendering such as Maya, 3Ds max and photoshop.

    How is the game support/driver of the ATI compare to Nvidia?
  13. anyone want to check out a bios mod?

    this guy does a demo with his reference 670
  14. TheBigTroll said:
    stated it incorrectly. i meant you could already get a very high overclock with the 1.175v
    oh o.k. ;)
  15. After some quick research, 7970 actually seems to be a better card for me, both gaming and much much better at working with 3d softwares.

    Thanks for all of you guys for replying.
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