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Im building a new system for work/gaming. Ive built 5+ systems but havent in a couple years and not quite up to date on everything. My build so far is:

CPU: i7-3770k ($250)

RAM: 16GB RIPJaws ( ($50)

Case: Corsair 500R( ($100) before rebate

SSD: Intel 330 240GB ( ) ($160) before rebate

PSU corasir 600w ( ($70) before rebate

GPU: 7850 or 7870

MOBO: Asus p8Z77-v lk vs Asrock Z77 extreme 4

So looking at the mobo they both seem rather similar and not sure which one to get, both are $105(asus after $15 rebate)

For the gpu, i want a card that will last me another 3+ years running most games on high(upgrade from 4870) looking at the bench marks for both the 7850 and 7870 ( the extra $70 doesnt seemed justified for the 7870 but im thinking will last longer in the long run. Im running 26" 1080p monitor(hdmi) and 20" dell monitor(dvi) currently and will be running the same setup.

my budget for the system is 900 and the other parts before rebate is 630(I dont count rebate into budget since they are not 100% though ive gotten every one ive sent in) This leaves around 270 for the gpu and mobo.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

Also if you have a better build thing feel free to tell me =)
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  1. i suggest a 670 or 7970 ghz edition on that resolution fro 3+ years.....and i dont think it will be high after 3 years because as we all see games become more demanding every one now and when you think it sterts to get weak you sli/crossfire
  2. Intel 330 has a bit of efficiency issues especially with incompressible data. Get an SSD that doesn't use a SandForce controller like these.

    That RAM isn't $50, it's $70. Get this instead.

    The Extreme4 is better, it has features you'll only find in more expensive boards.
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