$1k build questions

Edit: Sorry, I just made a new account and posted. Here's the info.

Approximate Purchase Date: Eh... Anywhere from now to early January, doesn't matter if I only buy a few parts at a time.

Budget Range: MAX of $1,200 USD.
System Usage: Gaming, surfing the web, video editing, watching videos

Are you buying a monitor: No

Parts to Upgrade: Entire Build

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Either newegg or amazon, but below I happen to have my build.

Location: Spokane, WA, USA

Parts Preferences: See below.

Overclocking: Maybe?

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080
Additional Comments: Made almost solely for gaming.

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: My old comp is nearly 5 years old now :ouch:

Hello, I made an account in order to ask a few questions about my new gaming rig.

It consists of:

Corsair Vengeance C70 (Case)
Intel Core i5-3570K Quad-Core Processor at 3.4 GHz (processor - obviously :P)
Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB Graphics Card (GPU)
Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600 MHz Memory Kit (RAM)
Western Digital Blue 1TB Hard Drive at 7200 RPM (Hard drive)
Asus 24xDVD-RW Internal Drive (CD/DVD)
Gigabyte Intel Z77 Motherboard (<--)
OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W (power supply)

1) I already have a 22-inch HDMI monitor, Windows 7 (none of that Windows 8 crap), and a keyboard + mouse, but is there anything else I'm missing that may be vital? I'm planning on getting an SSD later on (I'll be kinda broke after this), but just wondering about anything else.

2) How many fans should I be getting? I'd rather it be quiet, but my machine melting down would be kinda be worse. I know my case has 10 fan mounts, but how many of these should I actually use (and where)?

3) Any suggestions to my build? My MAX is $1,200. Being 16, I'm still supported by my parents so paying for food and stuff won't be a problem for another 2 years. I managed to earn that much from my part time job, doing chores, and holiday gifts (gift cards, checks, cash). Currently, my build is roughly $990 (not including tax, shipping, or rebates), so about $210 left for some upgrading. I'm thinking of going for a 7970, but my friend told me the difference between the cards is marginal, if any. I'm biased towards AMD, too, since my graphics card (a GTS 250) I got when I was 13 was pretty fantabulous and then it broke after about 12 hours in my system. The replacement didn't work either :cry: . So I gave up and bought a Radeon 4850 after I got my money back and it worked perfectly. Now the processor is too old to play any current games, so I am now just going for a new system, and since I've always wanted to put it together myself, I decided I'd do just so. So, back to the main point, any suggestions?

4) Finally, kinda off-topic, but any game recommendations that are either out now/coming out within a few months that I should look into buying? I'm pretty sure my beast will tackle the majority of the things I throw at it. I already am setting aside money to purchase Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2 (already own it, in fact. Really laggy on my near 5 year old computer though), Assassin's Creed 3, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, GTA IV, and Sleeping Dogs. I'm also excited to play above 30 fps Planet Side 2 and DayZ! My old comp ran them at a pretty unbearable 12 fps :sweat:

Thanks for the input, and please (if you don't mind, of course) respond with a speedy reply.
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  1. Well, if you are ordering from newegg, you will get sleeping dogs, far cry 3, and hitman absolution. Your build looks pretty good. Honestly for the fans, I think I Would just get them later if you think that your components are getting to hot. My Pc works just fine with 2 chassis fans.
  2. Thanks for the reply :D. I already own Hitman: Blood Money, and Absolution seems a little wonky. Far Cry 3 is gonna be fun though. And I think I'll wait for a few more comments about the fans. I'm strangely paranoid about it :??:
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    I've got a 7950 and a 965, they, I have had no issues with cooling. If you really are iffy just buy a few fans, they don't cost that much. Also my brother's components produce more heat and it's in a smaller case, and he has had no heat problems. Also hitman has pretty good reviews, and if you don't like it OH NO, you got it for free. But some good games that will show off you new gpu will be battlefield 3 and metro 2033. Borderlands 2 is also really good.
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  5. Okay, thanks sir :) I'll just buy like 3 and hook them up in the best places at like 35% fan speed. The C70 seems kinda roomy, so I guess air flow won't be an issue. I'll just let the fans increase in speed while under heavy load, I'll have my head set blocking out the noise anyway. Thanks again, and I guess I'll give Hitman a shot after I put this thing together. :D
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