Replacing late 2008 iMac's 8800 GS

Hello! My mother-in-law's GeForce 8800GS just died! The problem is, it's a 24-inch 2008 iMac (3.06GHz C2D, 2GB RAM), so it's not a traditional PC when it comes to replacement parts. The thing is, I have an EVGA GeForce 8800GT 512mb GPU in perfect condition laying around. After doing some research, this mac's 8800GS looks to be the of same physical dimensions (and power requirements) as my 8800GT.

How hard, if it's even possible, would it be for me to open up her iMac and replace the GPU?

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  1. The Apple cards have a special bios. The cards may physically be the same but a PC version will not work in an Apple computer and vice versa.

    I am not aware of a way to flash the cards either, though, it may be a possibility.
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