SLi faulting

Guys , I built a poor mans computer recently,

Corsair CX 430
CM Haf 912 case
Corsair vengence 16GB@1600
i-5 2500

I dont overclock

I wanted to wait a bit till the zotac bumble bee got slightly cheaper. As of now I have 2 9500gts which I was hoping to SLI.
I can only run 1 card..even though the PCIE lanes are enabled in the Bios. When I plug in the second card and restart the mobo initially posts an A4 error then goes back to cpu temp. No video though. I have to pull 1 card to get video.

Also USB 3 should be backwards compatible with USB 2. USB 3 is not recognizing usb2.0 devices.

Pls help.
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  1. have you contacted EVGA tech support - they're very good
  2. I will do that then.
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