Need advice on system's psu!

so i have this question:if i have a 3570k and OC it plus 2 evga 670 ftw in sli 1 hdd 1 ssd whats my safest power supply??i know about brands...without the OC of the cpu whole system is 516 watt...if i OC both gpu,cpu what should i get??600,650 or something else plus i dont know what 80 plus bronze,silver;gold means...
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  1. You would easily be safe with a 750watt.
  2. a 650 is too little??
  3. Do you already have a 650? If so, you will be fine, it will just crap out sooner. My brother ran 2 6950's with a 600 for a few months with no power issues.
  4. no i'm buying so i'm looking from every angle....if dont OC then my system will be how much is the safe??600..remember no OC nothing
  5. 750W is what you should get for a dual card rig.

    80+ Certified, 80+ Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium all refer to the efficiency the PSU has when it converts AC Current (wall power) to DC Current (power the computer can use). An 80+ Certified PSU is guaranteed to be at least 80% efficient under loads between 20% and 100%. The better ratings (Bronze, Silver, etc...) refer to higher levels of efficiency.

    80+ certification also specifies other things as well, such as having the rail voltages not deviating more than 5% than their rated value.
  6. hmmm...oki thanks!!!!you guys are the best here......god bless you!!
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