3rd Gen i3 17.3" Laptop WITHOUT integrated graphics

Hi, I started looking for a replacement laptop and have spent the last 2 weeks doing some research. It looks like what I want is a 3rd gen i3 (to preserve batt. life) 17.3" laptop (my eyes... they suffer with less) and a GPU that is not shared (a GT xxx of some flavor seems right). Is there anyplace I can get this system? It seems like such a simple set of reqs but I cant find anything... It's been 10 years since I built a DT and it looks like it might be impossible for me to build a notebook without doing something horribly wrong. Any suggestions would help.
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  1. I guess if you really want to you can do CyberPowerPC but you'll get way overcharged. Try just skimming through NewEgg.
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