New Intel based gaming rig

This is my first fully built from scratch budget build, Let meknow what you think.
I haven't had it together yet (still waiting for 2 parts from

Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4

CPU: Intel I5-3570K (no overclock as of yet)

DDR3 Ram: G-Skill 12800 16GB (2x8)

Case: Cooling master HAF 912

Cooling: 4(2) 120mm high performance and 2 stock cooling masters fans, 2 double bearing 200mm fans. No LED

Power Supply: Antec 750W PSU fully modular 4 x 12v rails (en route from

Video Cards: 2x Geforce GTX 560ti (1 is en route from

Hard Disk Drive: Single Western digital 7200 rpm HDD (yeah weak I know)

SSD: Intel 520 series 120GB

Operating System: Windows 8 (Having issues with custom/Clean install ue to the fact cannot purchase full copy form microsoft yet)

Monitors: Primary 32" Secondary Sony's 24" 3D playstation monior with SimuView

Basic Logitech mouse and keyboard (mechanical) Full length Razer mousepad

3.1 Bose speakers

Turtlebeach x42 headset

some of these have been with me awhile now and ive boughten all this in Novemeber. The latest was the SSD about an hour ago. What do you all think? I know it's not the prettiest or the best (no where near) and it's pretty basic build, I want to OC but deciding still where and how. ASRock makes it pretty simple with the UEFI. thanks for the feedback guys.
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  1. I would cancel the order on those 2 560 Ti's ASAP(if you still can). You're wasting money, trust me.
    That GPU is relatively mediocre and SLI'ing them will get you nowhere. You're better off getting a single powerful card like the 670 or 7970.

    HDD is good, RPM stops making much of a matter when you have an SSD. Though I wouldn't personally get the Intel 520, with it being SandForce and all - having troubles with incompressible data. I suggest Marvell ones like Vertex 4, Samsung 830 or 840 Pro, Crucial M4, Plextor M5S.
  2. I got them for 65 each for black friday, with free shipping, im not complaining. I plan on upgrading later, but till then i wanna make sure whatever i choose it'll be best for the buck. and if all fails the intel HD 4000 will work till i decide to purchase a newer video card but for now theyll do. what would you suggest i look at it
  3. Ah, well if it's for $65 each, then it's basically a steal and I doubt you can find better deals than that. :lol:
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