Review and advice about asus gtx 680 direct cu2

Anyone have or run this unit yet ??.... I am currently run msi gtx 660ti and oc it and loving it.. But i want more for it.... And :??: i love how the asus gtx 680 look.. It so beefy and saw couple of17 benchmark for it and it really and thrte.... Im mostly play game at 1080p and my small 17inches screen .. Here is my system spec

Intel i7 3770k oc @ 4.5
16gb ddr3 ram corsair vengance
Intel 250gb solid state drive
Corsair h100 cooler
Thermaltake power supply 600watt
MSI twin frozer gtx 660ti oc at 1900mhz
Case antec eleven hundred....

Game that i play are flight simulator , mass effect 3 , warcraft, bf3 ,mw3, deadapace 2
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  1. you have a first world problem there. you can pretty much max out games with the 660ti on a 1080p screen. there is litterally no reason why you should upgrade to a 680.

    and even if you get a 680, you should be getting a 670 since it performs pretty much like a 680.

    if you really are trying to waste money, then id suggest the msi lightning gtx680. the asus isnt as good as the msi in terms of cooling and overclocking
  2. Well the reason why i like the asus 680 because it look cool and two it preform pretty good and i dont know why but the lighting doesnt seem to perform good simulator game... So herefore the gtx 680 asus is my yea ... And second.. Not haveomey to waste but just enough to get good stuff.. For my.rig.and how can gtx 670 almost perform like 680 sor enlightment me ?
  3. looking cool isnt worth wasting your money (unless you like to waste money).

    the 660ti is good stuff. you are wasting money.

    a 670 performs like a 680 because most of them out there are clocked at the same speed as a stock 680 and they have the same coolers as a 680 meaning they have more boost potential. but a 660ti is already more than enough

    btw heres where you wasted money in your rig

    i7s are not for gaming. i5s perform the same if not better
    16gb of ram is not needed
    (if you are video editing, th i7 and 16gb of ram is reasoned out)
    h100 is a waste. either go full custom loop or get a good heatsink
    bad power supply. get another one if you are going to do SLI
    you need LN2 to run your video card at 1900mhz

    and the fact that the games you play wont even benefit from the extra performance since you dont have a 120hz monitor. getting 2 would be COMPLETELY useless
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