Using embedded graphics alongside discrete card for 3x Monitors?

I recently added a 7870 card(HIS IceQ) to my motherboard(Asus M4A78T-E) with embedded HD3300 graphics.

I have 2 monitors connected to the 2 display ports that support legacy interfaces (DVI, HDMI, ...) on the back of the 7870 card. This works fine.

I also have a 3rd monitor that I would like to connect to the DVI port embedded on my mother board.
I have enabled the embedded adapter in my BIOS. However it does not show up in my Windows 7 device manager. How do I get Windows 7 to recognize the embedded display adapter?

Can I use my 3rd "legacy" display with my system without spending more money?
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  1. you have to plug all the monitors into the video card
  2. TheBigTroll said:
    you have to plug all the monitors into the video card

    As stated above, I am using monitors (acer k11's) that have only "legacy" display ports(DVI & HDMI). And yes while the 7870 card claims support for up to 4 monitors, ONLY 2 may have a "legacy" interface.

    So, I CANNOT connect more than 2 of theses monitors directly to the video card.

    Is there some reason Windows 7 should NOT be able to output video through my embedded card that is enabled in BIOS?
  3. it just wont. the video card wont do it

    you can use a hdmi to dvi adaptor.
  4. No, an HDMI to DVI adapter will not work(ie. converting from one LEGACY interface to another legacy interface).

    The two legacy ports on the card are already in use by the first two displays (acer k11's). The remaining two ports are mini displayports that are disabled if converted for a LEGACY port (ie. HDMI or DVI) as stated by the card manufacturer (HIS IceQ 7870).

    My question, once more is:
    Is there some reason Windows 7 should NOT be able to output video through my embedded card that is enabled in BIOS along side my new discrete 7870 card?
  5. dvi and hdmi are bot digital connections. of course they work

    its not windows 7 that cant do it. its the video card and the motherboard. as of now, only intel z77 motherboards with lucidlogix virtu mvp can do that.
  6. You need an adapter to connect one to a display port you can get these to go to DVI HDMI and even VGA cost vary. You cannot use the onboard graphics as well as the GPU.
  7. Thank you simon, but I have mini display port to HDMI adapters already. And as stated by AMD and demonstrated through practice, they do not work. The mini display ports must NOT be converted to a legacy format if they are to be used at the same time as HDMI and DVI ports on the card.

    Can I re-install my old 4850 card along side my new 7870, and use the output ports of my 4850 to connect my 3rd display? How might this effect performance?
  8. I gave up on the embedded card, and spent more money. :(

    mini displayPort to HDMI adapter did not work.
    mini displayPort to DVI adapter did not work.
    Using either of the above adapter resulted in disabling one of my active monitors.

    mini displayPort to "Active" DVI adapter Worked like a charm!
    Using this adapter allowed me to use all 3 of my displays simultaneously through my 7870 card.

    **** SOLUTION ****
    I bought the "active" adapter produced by my video card manufacturer for $20(part#: HMDPSDVIEYE).

    Thanks to those who help tracking this down! And good luck to those hoping to add another monitor, it's been a welcome addition here. :)
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