Reinstalling Windows Error! Help!

I recently got a new mobo, so I decided to reinstall Windows so everything would run a bit more smoothly. So I got the files I needed off of my hard drive and then I completely wiped it. I right click on it and clicked format to get rid of everything. So I started up my build with my new mobo and blank harddrive. I put in the windows install disk after I turn on the power and it prompts me to install windows. I click okay and whatnot and them I reach the part about choosing where to install it. I choose my only hard drive and it says it needs to get rid of previous partitions and I click okay . It deletes the.old partitions but then it says it still can't install my hard drive HELP! I can't think of anything else to do! No matter how many times I create a new partition for it and delete it when it tells me to, it just won't let me install windows. What is happening?!
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  1. 25 people have read this without offering any advice?...come on people, help me out
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