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I built my computer roughly 2 years ago, using it mainly for gaming like Skyrim, Mass Effect, Starcraft. I was recently interested in upgrading to SSD and it got me thinking what else was in need of upgrading.

CPU: Intel Core i5 CPU 650@3.20GHz (4CPUs)
Mobo: MSI P55-GD55 (MS-7589)
RAM: DDR3 4096MB
HD: 1TB Hitachi Deskstar 72101

I am planning on upgrading my 32-bit XP to a Windows 8. Should i go for 64-bit to free up the last GB of RAM or does this not matter for either version of Windows 8?

I was going for the Samsung 830 128MB for OS and some games and maybe throwing in a WD Caviar Black 1TB for additional storage. Should i settle for just the SSD and direct the extra cash toward some other part of my PC like a GTX 660?

Thanks for any advice, I'm still on a learning curve.
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  1. Nope you are limited to 4gb in win8 32-bit as far as I know. And I would go with ssd, 660 and then hdd. But only if you don't need the hdd space, and you can always use your old hdd one till you can afford a new one ;)
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