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Hi, My new LED Display is corrupted in game. But everything is alright. No problem with gfx or the display.

It only occur in two games: Dirt3 and Sleeping dog which are AMD games and i am using HD6770. But every other games is running fine. Here is a screen shot:

Check the circle shade from the center in the middle of display. Same in dirt3. It didnt happen in my old CRT monitor but in my LED. Get any clue?

Driver is 12.8

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  1. turn vsync on
  2. VSync will not help here.

    Are you by any chance using VGA cable to connect your monitor to the graphics card? If so, switch to DVI or HDMI.
  3. I am using DVI cable now. Also check with vga cable. No luck.
  4. alvine said:
    turn vsync on

    Vsync is on.

    I dont understand why with AMD games in LED display.
  5. When you are in those games and this happens, try to access the in-game menu. (usually esc)

    Does the dot stays there? Or you can see the dot behind the menu if it is a transparent one?
    Does the dot looks like if it was behind or over the texts?

  6. If i pause sleeping dogs, yes i see but less. It change by graphic. See those screen shot difference from Dirt3 game menu. Game doesn't started but graphical content corrupt. And it depends on graphic type.

    The dot shade become deep or light, depends on graphic. Check in 1st screen shot, its not visible but in 2nd screen shot. Its kinda gpu rendering issue.
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