Raphic driver cannot find compatible graphic hardware

hi guys.. i have a big problem with my graphic card.. i can't install the driver and it said " graphic driver cannot find compatible graphic hardware'.

before that, i just update the driver to the latest version. i played crysis without reboot my computer ( need to reboot after intall the new driver) . but the crysis stop working because of high graphic and back to the desktop menu. i shut down my pc and try to on again, but my monitor cannot detect the DVI connection. i change the connection from graphic card's port to motherboard's port. the monitor is on but when i clicked on nvidia setting, it said nvidia cannot detect the graphic card.. i try to uninstall the driver and delete all the things relating with the nvidia ( as i see in the youtube ). i try to install the driver again but it said ' graphic driver cannot find compatible graphic hardware'. so, i think my graphic card has gone wrong or maybe damaged due to overload when i play crysis..

i hope somebody can help me to find out the best way to make my pc running normally.. sorry, i'm not so good writing in english..
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  1. what graphics card do you have and which version driver are you using? Did you try reverting to the old driver?
  2. gtx 560 ti msi hawk... version 306.23... i don't know how to revert it since i already delete all the nvidia data..
  3. if you remember what version driver you were using before the trouble,you can download older drivers from nvidias website,Im using the 306.23 drivers and I gotta say they are a very good set of drivers for my GTX 580........but try an older set of drivers anyway
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