PC Keeps Shutting Down and Rebooting while Gaming

Hi there! First time posting in the community.

I recently assembled a meaty machine. The spec is:

Intel Core i5 3450 Ivy Bridge at 3.1 ghz turbo boost to 3.5ghz
16gb Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Nvidia GTX 680 with 2gb VRAM
Delta Electronics 600w PSU

So my spec is nice and all, but every time i play a game, the PC will just randomly shut down and then reboot! It's also totally random, sometimes i think i see a pattern where it will cut out in specific places, sometimes i can play for hours without problems. It happens on both PC games i own, Skyrim and Borderlands 2, and changing the graphics settings seemed to make the shutdowns less frequent until recently, where now it makes no difference and it shuts down at the same rate.

I've tried using memtest and it came up without error, and the PC chassis has a huge number of fans and is very spacious because it is an intel file server chassis, and when it does shut down and i check the system temps in the BIOS, all the temperatures are operating at cool temperatures of around 30 degrees c.

What should i do? I have no idea what's going on! Is it my power supply? i would have thought 600w is plenty but i could be wrong...

Thank you very much for your help!
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  1. LOL, same thing happen to me like an hour ago, i turned game on like 3 time in a row and it keeps rebooting for some reason... I haven't done this yet but this could be it, uninstall your Nvidia driver and Reinstall the official one instead of beta if you have beta.... I got the beta driver and im pretty sure it's the Nvidia driver because this reboot happens after few days with the beta... If you dont have beta, install the older Nvidia driver...
  2. I found out that my PCI power 6 pin was the problem, probably wasn't working sending power to my video card lol...
  3. legendkiller said:
    I found out that my PCI power 6 pin was the problem, probably wasn't working sending power to my video card lol...

    Interesting, i do believe my power supply is an old one and i had to use an adaptor; i'l check this out!
  4. does anyone have any other suggestions? literally at my wits end here :(
  5. open up reliability monitor and see if you have any actually stop errors for the times it has rebooted. We need to figure out if windows is doing a memory dump reboot or if it some thermal or power issues.

    You do have a cheaper power supply. Can you see if it specifies how many amps it provides on the 12V rail? Your GTX680 is a pretty hungry card and it wants 38A. You would hope a 600W PSU would provide that, but you had better check. Also, did you connect up both 6 pin connectors to the card?
  6. Did you check your power supply Rails? Make sure it has 38A on one 12V rail, or at worst you spread the two 6-pin connectors across two 19A or greater rails.

    The only Delta 600W I can find reference to has quad 15A rails, which means you can't get enough amps to the card no matter how you hook it up. Hopefully it is not that, although then it would at least be an easy fix (new PSU).
  7. @arrun, i Did a Reg and Junk cleaning with Windows 7 Manager and it seems to solve the problem, I also uninstall unused/useless program like toolbar and stuff, go download windows 7 manager(ccleaner isn't good, sometimes delete very important Reg files) and do a Reg clean and Junk clean and restart computer...

    @twelve25, it shouldn't be his PSU because he should've gotten these problem earlier unless he just got them like last week or so lol...
  8. you need at leest 42 amps to all if you game you need 1200W PSU its a must
  9. 6 pins dosnt have the Amps you NEEED ONLY 4 12w
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