Pop now turning off and on

Hello, this morning I moved my computer from downstairs to upstairs , turned it on and I heard a pop and it turned straight off. When I turn the computer on now it just starts (blank screen, no beeps, no bios) for about 3-4 seconds and turns off and starts again in this looping fashion, all the fans come on including the Psu. Having a quick look about a lot of people suggested when this happens its usually the Psu, I've just bought a new one and its still doing the same thing. I've also tried a CMOS reset using the button on the motherboard. I move my computer quite alot as I use it at work sometimes aswell, when I took the system apart to rebuild it outside the case, I noticed a motherboard screw was on the floor if the case. If anyone could suggest anything else please let me know, my computer set us is below:

Motherboard: Msi ms-7681 ver 2.01 / P67a - gd53 (b3)
CPU: I5-2500k 3.30 ghz quad core
Graphics card: GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Ram: 2 x 4gb - 8gb patriot
Old Psu: Corsair gs700
New Psu: Corsair cx600

Any help is much appreciated, kind regards, Dan.
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  1. Sorry it won't let me edit my post.
    Also when the pop happened I smelt some burning, but 2 minutes later I couldn't smell it anywhere, I checked every connection when taking the pc out the case and I couldn't find the smell anywhere, not even in the Psu, no burn marks anywhere, no nothing.
  2. take a look at the motherboard do you see any capacitors that look like this?
  3. Hello, thanks for your reply, I've just had a good look right around the board a few times, at all the capacitors and they all look fine. Dan
  4. Any other ideas guys? Do you think the motherboard or CPU could of blown?
  5. Pop to me would have said capacitor. If the motherboard looks ok, I would try with a good power supply next. It may be the power supply is giving enough juice to run fans, but not enough to power the components.
  6. Thanks for your reply but I went out and bought a new power supply today and its still doing the same thing. Just starts up 3-5 seconds later turns off and then starts again in a cycle. :/
  7. I would say probably your motherboard then, it could be the CPU, but the CPU's going out seems to be a lot more rare than motherboards.
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