Gaming rig under 45k..needs sugessions..

Hello to toms community...
i want to biuld a gaming pc under low budget..
plz let me know what is best under this budget..i m nt goin to update my pc for 2 yrs atleast..
mu config is-
i5-3450,MB-intel DB75EN,ram-4GB(corsair-1600mhz), GPU-1GB DDR5 zvidea geforce gtx650,samsung dvd write,22" samsung led,HDD-500GB W.D CAVIAR BLUE,LOGITECH Wireless kb/m,zebronics mines cabinet with 450W psu,...
i am confused in gpu should i go for asus or zotac..asus is costing 1K INR more in mu place i live in india plz suggest this config is good?.
i m not over clocking my pc didnt have much knowlrdge about it..
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  1. Hello my desi friend!

    Both Asus and Zotac make great cards and are known for customer support and strong warranties. I'd save the $ (or rupees) and go for the Zotac.

    In addition, I'd strongly suggest picking up 8gb of ram as opposed to 4. Memory is quite cheap now. You'll want something like this:

    Lastly, I'm not quite sure what brand power supply you're talking about, but even the wattage is a bit low and you could be pushing it. Save more money to invest in a Corsair or Rosewill PSU around 650W. The last two things you want is for your power supply to die (or even worse fry your components) or being unable to upgrade parts due to power limitations.
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