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Hello, after a year of having my pc rig I have decided to do eyefinity and get 2 more monitors to do 3 for gaming but I need to make sure I know what i'm doing. Before you read my questions here are my current specs.
Graphics card: AMD Radeon 6870
Processor: Fx-4100 (I know its weak lol)
Ram: 16GB
HardDrive: SSD 60GB
HardDrive 2: Western Digital 2TB
My first question was whether the (GeForce GTX 560 ) and the (Phenom x4) were compatible with my 970AD3 motherboard. I was also wondering if I should upgrade my graphics card to the GTX 560 or stick with mine (a lot of people are recommending 2GB of vram for eyefinity). Will the performance be a lot better for eyefinity or will I be fine with the 6870? Also if anyone has a better graphics card upgrade recommendation than can run eyefinity that's a good price (up to 250) (Is that too cheap?) let me know. I know that's a lot to ask but I'm kinda new with eyefinity stuff and I don't want to make an expensive screw up.
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  1. Your going to need 2gb of Vram for eyefinity, And the most powerful GPU can you afford the better. With mid range Cards you need to start lowering detail to get games playable, even on the high end cards you need too.

    Personally for Triple monitor gaming I would recommend A MIN of a GTX670 or AMD 7950
  2. I think I could go for the AMD 7950 if I had to put I wanted to know is if this will perform better then the 6870 and I know it will run 3 displays but will the settings be able to run at the same as I have had them on the 6870 or no. Also, did you check and see if it is compatible or not PS: The 6870 seems to have a lot of negative reviews about drivers failing etc.. are you sure this is the best one?
  3. I decided i'm getting the GTX 660 as it is a far better value but thanks for helping.
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