What gtx 670 to get

what would be the best gtx 670 as far as performance goes? for around 400 bucks. i was looking at the gigabyte with the triple fans, the asus direct cu ii(the cheapest one), the evga ftw, the galaxy gc, and the evga superclocked 4gb if i can get it on sale. i would pick the msi power edition, but i guess they have been overvolting or something. what would be the best one ?
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  1. oh and i will also be overclocking
  2. gigabyte or asus because they are great overclockers and the cool the card very well but i think the gigabyte one is better preformance wise but the asus card is so quiet that it is so hard to hear it
  3. If you want to go for value for money, go for the Gigabyte one. Great design, great cooling, although nowhere near Vapor-X or DCII standards, and most of all, great preoverclocks when you buy the card. Normally I'd suggest people to get an Asus GTX 670 TOP, but seeing as that is almost impossible to find, I can't really suggest it. If you find one, and its working, be sure to get it.
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