Should I be able to run a 9600GT?

I am currently running a Dell Dimension for now, with a stock 375 watt power supple, and I am wondering if I can run a 9600GT in my system?
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  1. i would guess that it would. the card might need an extra 6pin power connector.

    the card is a power hog. if you're getting it fr nothing it might be worth it. if it is going to be bought you should think of a newer more energy conservative card..... that will probably also run better on your system.. ??

    you also need to look and see if there is enough space in your case for the card. not in the way of drive bays or other components.
  2. The card is slim enough to fit inside, but do you know any other video cards that should run fine?
  3. monitor resolution........ other components and operating system ? budget ?

    i know the card is slim. meant length.
  4. swifty_morgan said:
    monitor resolution........ other components and operating system ? budget ?

    i know the card is slim. meant length.

    Resolution is 1680x1050. But I am willing to go lower.
    The model I am looking at right now is in my budget and should fit in my computer.
  5. mind if I ask what your budget is ? you may be able to do better and have something that's faster and runs cooler............ I have a 9600gt. Hot hot hot...
  6. 60-100 is what I am looking at, I can spend more.
  7. there are quite a few options. please be patient. I'll get back to you.
  8. There are two versions of the GeForce 9600 GT, a regular version 96 Watt card and a Green Edition 52 Watt card.

    What is the model number of the Dell Dimension's 375 Watt OEM power supply unit? Some models of Dell's 375 Watt power supplies have a 6-pin PCI-E power connector and some models don't.
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    here's a card. $80 plus shipping. uses less energy, runs cooler and requires no external 6pin connector and is much faster than the archaic 9600 series cards... should run with no problems on your small power supply ( the biggest thing holding you back from getting a better card )

    before you pull the trigger on this I would like to know more about the other hardware in your case......... specifically if it has a pci-e slot.... ??? and you're sure of that.
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  11. Yeah it has a PCI-e slot x16 slot, although it is only 1.0, but thankfully it is backwards compatible.
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