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This is going to be hard to explain but hopefully someone can answer this. When I have more than one open window.. email, several web pages, etc... there is one prominent window that stays open. Then when I go to the taskbar to open another window that's open, it will come up but as soon as I go to the window, it drops down. The only way I can get to that other window is to drop the original open window and then on the desktop, that window is there and I can use it. I am trying to be able just to click on one window that's open and it allows me to stay on that particular window without it dropping to my desktop. Does this make sense to anyone and can you tell me how to make this stop? Very aggravating! I am running windows 8. Thanks. Tammy
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  1. Check your machine for viruses. Could be a bug.

    Make sure your OS has all the latest updates.
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