What is the difference between these two cards?


I'm literally going to be buying everything for my new build tonight but just realized a price jump in the card I was planning on getting. I found "another" card that is almost $40 less but I can't seem to find any difference between them. Could someone figure this out? The first link is the original card that I was planning on using. The 3rd link is to my proposed build. Any suggestions or recommended changes?



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  1. The cheaper one has an extra DVI port and uses a 6 & an 8 pin power connector instead of 2 x 6pin.
  2. Do the differences create any practical difference?
  3. dragonfly22588 said:
    Do the differences create any practical difference?

    I'm sure one of those heatsinks is better than the other, but I have no clue which - nor will I scour the internet to try and figure it out... I'll leave that to you ;)
  4. dragonfly22588 said:
    Do the differences create any practical difference?

    Performance is the same for both models.

    If you need another DVI (Single Link) connection on the graphics card then the cheaper FX-795A-TDJC model should be your choice.

    Both cards use two 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connectors since they both use the same factory clocks and consume the same amount of power.

    It also looks like the cheaper FX-795A-TDJC is a replacement for the problem plagued, older, more expensive FX-795A-TDFC model.
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