I really can't decide between 7970 and gtx 670

After the whole day of researching, I still can't decide.

A 7970 and a 4gb gtx 670

I know in gaming performance, 7970 might be better, but 670 would be enough for me too, i am sure.

So apart from gaming, I also do a lot of 3d works such as Maya, 3Ds Max, photoshop, premiere pro and after effect etc.

Therefore my choice is really down to this to be the key.

I know firepro/quadro cards are definately best at those, but i only hope to choose between the 7970 and gtx 670.

I am planning to run 3 monitors at 5760 x 1080 in 2 way sli/crossfire.

I have heard 7970 has a much much better compute performance.

But i have also heard the 7970 much much worse than the 670 in Maya especially without cuda support.

I don't know which is true and which is not, so if i am using those software i have listed, which would be a better option for me? and the difference by far or little?

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  1. 7970 wins greatly in Maya IIRC, at least with current versions, and Adobe has been working with getting OpenCL supported excellently and has done a good job of it, so even if the 7970 doesn't kick the crap out of the 670 in that, it should still be great. It has far greater dual-precision compute performance than the 670, but single precision can vary between some workloads.

    I don't have any of this software, so I'm only going by what I've read/heard, but I've seen a few threads of people using the 7970 in Maya and saying that it was far better than any Nvidia cards for that (although some extremely expensive models might do better, IDK).
  2. 7970 especially if you plan to work/play on a multi-monitor setup because amd/ati cards use eyefinity which is way ahead of what nvidia has and the 7970 usually are better in games/photoshop/3D work
    so i recommend a 7970 because it can do all the things you want it to and more
  3. right, that really solved my question if that is true. thanks

    Can anyone confirmed about the openCL support in maya? and does that apply to 3ds max and premiere pro too?
  4. I think that Premier pro uses it, but I'm not sure about 3DS Max. I think that it mostly uses CUDA, but I could be wrong. I can say that different programs can have different favorites.
  5. yes, seems it is true with premiere pro cs6, however i have only found some news about opencl, Bullet Physics plug-in for maya 2011. So i am still not sure if it actually support opencl or not for the current version.
  6. 7970 for 3ds max and maya, anyone ?
  7. 7970 is great for for Maya. I don't think that 3DS Max is likes it a whole lot, but I'm not sure.
  8. 7970 rocks for Maya? Is that a native support in current version or a plugin?
  9. I believe that it is native, but I admit that I didn't think to ask.
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