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hey guys..i bought some stuff to upgrade my current pc and i want your oppinion about it..Not sure but ill try to fit everything in this case http://lmc.com.au/products/Case/LMC/577756/X11_X-Station_Mid_Tower_Gaming_Case_(8818) .bought i5 3570k cpu ,
CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO cpu cooler, Asrock z77 extreme4 m mob, corsair vengence ram 4 gb, Gigabyte AMD HD7950 (GV-R795WF3-3GD) gpu , ocz vertex 4 sdd 128 gb...will use my old 630w power supply...My case dont have 3.0 usb so thats a disadvantage...tell me what you think and if ill be able to fit all in that case ..and if you see something wrong just tell me cuz its my first rig im building..thank you in advance :wahoo:
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  1. It will all fit just fine. You might have some problems with your tall RAM heatsinks getting in the way of the cooler.
  2. realy?i should look for another ram?
  3. i bought a corsair vengence low profile one...is that ok ?
  4. Low profile ram will work fine.


    Is it that one?
  5. yes single 4 gb stick ^^ im glad i bought right ones..and sorry i forgot to mention that
  6. You have a dual channel memory system, really should look at getting a matching 4GB stick. Why get a nice system and gimp the RAM?
  7. ok i will order 2nd one ;))))ty for the tip
  8. do you think its bad tyo use my old psu or should i buy new one more than 630w?
  9. Not heard of the case but it looks cool. the PSU is a great one so nice job there.
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