Low fps gtx 670

Im currently getting avp 25fps on witcher 2 at max settings, was just wondering if this was normal. Unfortunately im still using my asus m4n68t-m-v2 mob and athlon ii x4 640, thought that this might be the culprit.
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    that athlon is bottlenecking the 670 so much right here
  2. You could try overclocking that CPU, but upgrading to a Phenom II x4 and overclocking would be better.
  3. Yea the cpu is holding you back im afraid
  4. yh, even a core i3 2120 will give you much better frame rates, you should probably get the 3570k to maximize your frame rates, or if you wanna keep your mobo upgrade to something like a 965 be
  5. I've got a brand new i5 3570k sitting on my desk, but unfortunately the asrock oc formula motherboard was doa and im waiting to find out if there going to send me another one. I kinda figured it was the processor but I figured I would ask people with more experience. Thanks
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