No Boot, Vista, Gateway DX4200, one beep, video okay, fans turn, no boot, ever..

I have a Gateway DX4200 that will not boot. It was working fine and froze up. Had to do a hard shutdown because no response from keyboard or mouse.

After the hard shutdown, the PC would not boot. It comes up to the Gateway splash screen and has the following options on screen:
F2: Bios Setup
F10: Boot Sequence

I can access the bios and boot sequence from this screen. I have a rescue CD that I burned but after the computer comes , here is the full story:
When I hit the power button, I have video output - analog only. The light that indicates power on on the front panel is on. There is one beep, regular interval and sound, not repeating and not annoyingly long. The fans spin, - the regular cooling fan spins and the fan over the processor spins. The system appears to start up - spins the CD drive and makes the normal noises as if reading hte disc and then stops. The fans continue to run, the power button is on and illuminated, the video Gateway splash logo and F2 and F10 indicators are still there - and can be acccessed by pressing those keys.

I have unplugged everything from the motherboard with the exception of the power to the MB, the hard drive and CD Drive, keyboard, mouse and video. I removed all RAM and booted - one loud screaming beep. Shut it down and tested each stick of ram separately, same scene as above - attempt to boot, spinning fans, etc. and nothing else.

I unplugged the hard drive and attempted to boot, same story, spinning fans and video, no action after initial startup one beep. I tried this several times in varying scenarios... nothing would allow me to get the system to continue the boot.

I even left it to "boot" overnight, no change.

I had it booting to the startup disc in the CD drive, once, after I had waiting for an eternity, I ejected the CD and I got a flash of a message that said "cannot read from CD/DVD drive".... I reinserted the CD and proceeded.... It makes me think the CD is reading, but not sure why it would give that error if it was not?

I am out of dialogue and have included everything I have done.

Can anyone offer any insight or is it time to donate and buy new? My CFO (wife) does not support the use of money to support my next PC....

Thanks - this is a great forum.


er button. Do you get any lights? Fans spin? Video signal? Smoke and the smell of burning plastic (hopefully not!)? Beep error codes (this requires you to have a case speaker hooked up, which is a good idea regardless of whether you have issues with your PC or not)? Does the PC cycle the boot up process over and over, automatically shut itself down, just sit with fans spinning but nothing else, require you to shut down in an unconventional way (other than just holding down the power switch like having to switch off the PSU)? Make sure you give as many clues as you can so we can help you out. Don't leave out any details!
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  1. I started to suspect the RAM was the issue. I just happened to have a couple of 1GB sticks in the house. I took out the exsting RAM and replaced it with the known working RAM.

    Good news - sort of!

    The system did boot to the CD drive and ran the programs I had downloaded to troubleshoot:
    RECDISC_64 - to repair Windows Vista 64 boot/partition
    Memtest86 - to check RAM

    After these programs finished, it requested that I restart the PC, which I did.

    Boot screen comes up with F2 and F10 and nothing else happens. Fans run, everything runs, but the boot does not finish.

    Any ideas?
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