I think I broke it?

So Im no expert on computers, but I have in the past removed my graphics card and cleaned the dust out. So today my new card comes in the mail, and I remove the old one and put the new one in its place.... The new one is a bit bigger, and I had to rearrange the positions of a few cords but everything fit in place properly and so Im good. I reattach all the wires in back and turn on my computer. The screen stays black and I hear a super loud beep.....beep.....beep. It scared the *** out of me so I turned it off, triple checked that all the wires and stuff were attached properly and turned it on again. Again the screen stayed black and I heard the alarming super loud beeping again!

So at this point Im thinking great I broke my computer FML. I took out the new card, put the old one back in, and turned the computer on and everything is back to normal, computer works fine.

Whats causing my new card not to work? What the hell was that crazy beeping?!

I also think I should add, when the new card was in, and I turned on the computer, the fan turned on as well as a light from the inside of the card.

Old card: Radeon 5770
New card: HIS radeon 7870

Thanks for any help in advance
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  1. The 7870 needs more power than a 5770. It's not power-sucking, but if your PSU is very weak, it might be the problem.
  2. Well I have a Dell studio XPS

    i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz 2.80GHz
    8 GB RAM

    Srsly though what causes a computer to beep really loudly from the inside ive never heard that ever.
  3. Its your BIOS warning you that something isn't right, it shouldnt really be damaging any components, but watch out for the PSU... could you supply us with any info? (will be on a sticker on the side of the PSU itself)

    Also have you connected your 6 pci-e connectors up properly?
  4. It says max output power 350 watts? What other specific information would be helpful to look for?

    "Also have you connected your 6 pci-e connectors up properly?"

    6? There is one pci-e connector that plugs into the card..... My old card only has one slot to plug in and the new one has 2. I tried plugging the cord into both slots and no dice either time.
  5. what the make and model of you psu?
  6. The PSU is a little low, although im sure it could supply the card enough to boot up, and as long as all the components are not being stressed... If it was me I would upgrade to a PSU more suited for gaming.... that one just isnt powerful enough

    Am i right in thinking you only have 1 6pin pci-e connected to your card? If so then you need 2 plugged in at the same time..
  7. Yea I have 1 6pin pci-e.... should there be 2 in the tower and they both need to be connected? I figured the second slot in the new card was for having 2 monitors.
  8. Yes that is undoubtedly the cause of your problem, you need 2 6 pins plugged into the card...

    The power leads all come out of your PSU, so that is what determines how many you have, I recommend a PSU upgrade.
  9. Yea there is only one connector in the tower..... damn this sucks I was super excited to get goin with this new card >_<

    Will PSU's that are a little more up to date all have multiple PCI-e connectors?
  10. The 7870 doesn't use much power....

    You can use a dual molex to pci-e adapter to create an extra 6 pin, but I think a 350W PSU is cutting it a bit fine, you should look at getting a decent 500w PSU just for the extra wiggle room for overclocking etc.

    It all depends but you usually have to look at 450w+ PSU's before you see 2+ 6pin leads... If you need help choosing one let me know... Stick to decent brands.... Seasonic, XFX, PC P&C, Antec, Corsair to name a few...
  11. Thanks alot for the help, much appreciated.

    Ok well now that I need a new PSU, what would you suggest I get?

    The community in these forums is amazing, but I did create a thread with detailed info about my computer, asked for a reccomendation on a new card that would fit my system and this is what I bought. If I get a new PSU it would suck to then be stuck again needing yet another new part....
  12. Are you from the US?

    Sorry to hear that someone recommended that card with that PSU they should have known better, In theory you could test the card using the adapter I mentioned just to see if it boots up correctly, I wouldn't game on it or run any programs that will put any stress on it though...

    But to be honest I would just get the new PSU first..

    Where do you like to order from online too?
  13. Also are there different sizes for PSU's? How do I know which ones will fit my pc?
  14. Ive gotten all my computer stuff from newegg. Yea Im from the US.
  15. What about this one?

    I have money I would like to get one thats gonna be nice as opposed to bare minimum.
  16. There are, Im not really an expert on dells but as far as I can tell the XPS studios use standard ATX PSU's.... Have you got a model number and I can double check for you....

    If you are from US heres a couple of suggestions...



  17. Hockey85 said:
    What about this one?

    I have money I would like to get one thats gonna be nice as opposed to bare minimum.

    A good PSU, but its probably more than you need, even a 500W from a decent manufacturer like the ones I suggested are going to give you plenty of room for overclocking the card a bit in the future..

    But that PSU will definitley work
  18. Hockey85 said:
    What about this one?

    I have money I would like to get one thats gonna be nice as opposed to bare minimum.

    Hi Hockey85 - That's a nice unit. If you want to spend less than the $92 that'll cost you, consider this one:


    with the $12promo, free shipping, & $20mir it'll net to $38 and is still a nice PSU.

  19. Dell Studio XPS 8100 is the model.
    And also, purchasing one of these PSU's would include the 2 pci-e attachments I would need to run this card? Or would I need to buy those also?

    Thank you so much for your time I really appreciate it.
  20. Yes then It does take standard ATX PSU's so all those mentioned will fit...

    and yes they all have 2 6pins....

    No worries glad to help :)
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