Game freezing shorty after launch

Long time lurker, first time poster.

So I have often gotten support from you guys, but never had to directly ask a question. Hopefully you guys can help me out!

Today I was playing guild wars 2, no issues with performance up till today. I died and all of a sudden my performance went to a crawl, maybe 1-2 fps. I exited the game and restarted, didn't fix it.

Basically I log in, get to the character screen and performance is ok for a few seconds, then fps drops to about 1-2, sound stutters, and I have to hold the power button to reset the computer.

Things I have tried:
-updated to beta video drivers over current ones.
- uninstalled said beta drivers, rebooted to safe mode and used driver sweeper to uninstall left over nvidia drivers.
- took the video card out and back in (thought maybe it got loose)
- punching it

My system:
Core 2 duo
4 gig ram
9800 gt GeForce

Windows 7 enterprise

Things to add:
I reinstalled windows 7 a few months ago after I started to notice any time I open my computer, any Internet browser, or control panel my mouse would freeze for a few seconds. It always would unfreeze once whatever I clicked loaded. Not sure if this is a separate issue, been like this for a few months. And no freezing in game prior to today. And now in game the whole pc freezes not just the mouse.

Any advise would be most appreciated.


(wrote this on my cell phone, at work. So I apologize if it is goofy formatted or hard to understand)
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  1. Blah don't see an edit button, wanted to add. Freezing happens for all games now. Not just guild wars 2. Same way too, runs for for a few seconds then stutter / freezing and hold power button to reset.
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