Driver update for Radeon HD 7450?

I just got Dragon Age 2 from Origin and the 1.04 patch. When I go into the configuration menu for the game it says there is a new driver available for my graphics card, which is an AMD Radeon HD 7450 that was built into the computer when I got it.

I went to AMD's site and downloaded the auto detect tool so I could find out what drivers I need, but the tool said it couldn't detect my card or system for some reason. I would like a bit of help, since apparently having the latest drivers is pretty much recommended to avoid an unfortunate freezing glitch associated with the 1.04 patch.
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  1. A Radeon HD 7450 is actually a HD 6450, but rebranded.
    The new freezing glitch fix would only happen on "real" 7xxx cards, like the 7750.
    So I don't think you should worry about that glitch.

    But to be on the more sure side, you can manually download the drivers by choosing your Windows Version.
    Just choose on the right of the website. Be sure to choose the drivers for the 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx cards!

    -Hope it helps! :)
  2. I downloaded the AMD Catalyst software (I also apparently already had the Hydravision thing already on my computer, interestingly) from the section you mentioned, but Dragon Age 2's configuration menu is still giving me that message about there being a new driver available. (I also now have an icon from AMD in my task bar to access stuff about my card and VISION Control center more easily)

    At least I know now I'll likely not run into the glitch, so thanks for letting me know that. Still, if it's possible maybe I did not download the right thing for updating my drivers, then let me know (I don't think I'll need that "Catalyst Application Profiles" since it seems to have been made specifically for the CrossFire and Enduro cards, but I could be wrong)
  3. You should ignore a Game's Warning about your drivers since it may not be accurate.
    Just be sure that you have the latest version by going in to VISION Control Center, Software Update. In there you can check your catalyst version.

    Also like in what I said before, I don't really think that the glitch applies to your card, and should not occur even with or without the new Catalyst.

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