Will this setup work?

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  1. All links are broken
  2. they should be fixed now
  3. The psu is probably junk. What is your budget and what will be the main use of this system?
  4. Its a tight budget and 550 dollars but i try to save where i can, and gaming.
  5. You can do much better for the money. I'm on my tablet in petroleum geology class so I can't put anything together for you but use pcpartpicker.com and look into an i3 + 7770 build.
  6. Thanks alot
  7. Anytime. If no one has built you a system by the time I am home I will get right on it.
  8. is your budget 550 US dollars or 550 pounds?
  9. 350 pounds and 550 dollars
  10. http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/p/pPu9

    Here is one option. It will game fairly well and i would only recommend it if you only plan to game with this. If you plan to do photo editing or any sort of multitasking I would go with this instead:


    It will still game very well and will be more useable when it comes to multitasking or photo/ video editing.

    As you can see my current rig is very similar to the second build I have listed and I love it. It does all I need it to.
  11. Thanks alot im going to go with option 2 :)
  12. I have basically the same thing and I play games like skyrim, starcraft 2, fallout new vegas, etc. on high settings. You will love it. Its a great budget rig.
  13. Yeah i look forward to it, thanks again.
  14. Anytime! Glad to be of help.
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