Help with deciding please

Im building a gaming PC and was debating whether I should get either an

i5-3570k + HD 7850

Or an i3-3220 + HD 7870?
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  1. I would go with the i3 if it is strictly gaming PC.
  2. Buy the i5-3570k + HD 7850.

    You can always upgrade the graphics card to a better one later but you can't always replace the CPU with a newer generation.

    And you shouldn't plan to change the motherboard because the motherboard+processor+memory+operating_system costs a lot more than a new graphics card most of the time.
  3. GPU is typically the most important part of a gaming PC, however, all the other parts come in a close second.

    so, go w/ i3 build
  4. Upgrading a CPU is simple and easy. Right out of the gate the i3 combo will be better than the i5 combo as far as gaming is concerned.
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