CUTEBEANS! I need you!!

Hey mate,

You told me to get this build

CPU: AMD FX-4300 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor

Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme3 ATX AM3+ Motherboard

Video Card: MSI Radeon HD 7850 2GB Video Card

However, They couldnt get the CPU and the motherboard. They did say however they would would do better... So i now have this...

Motherboard -AsRock AM3+970 Extreame4

Processor - AMD FX 6100 AM3 -BLACK RT

Video Card is the same - MSI Radeon HD 7850 2gb

Is this just as good ? Or better? Will it work the same?

I also managed to swap my old Video Card for a very nice gaming case!
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  1. It will be the same if not better.
  2. I can now sleep! I have been stressing for days over this and not slept .
  3. A black edition is good nice and simple to overclock by the multiplier.
  4. No it would not be. I would stick with the 6100.
  5. But everything im being told and i have read says the 6100 is very bad for gaming
  6. It will play games just fine. It won't even come close to bottle necking your GPU. If you could drop the extra $20 for a 6300 that would be better. But it will do what you need it to just fine.
  7. You best be right dude as i missed the deadline to change it.

    Im hoping to play BF3, COD, On highish settings 1600x900 res

    Fallout 3 , New Vegas , Skyrim and War Z on Ultra.

    Are you 10000000000000% Sure i will have no issues what so ever?

    I am thinking of trying to get the 6300 is it much of a difference?
  8. It won't be too different at all and at that resolution, a intel pentium and a 7850 could max those games. You will be perfectly fine.
  9. What about this instead? I was reccomended it and told it would be a much better / cheaper option

    Or a 970
  10. I have this CPU its not going to be any better. Just cheaper.
  11. Well, If it will perform better and for cheaper then surely that is the way to go?

    Everything i have read about the 6100 is very bad unless i overclock and i have NO IDEA about over clocking so i wont be doing it.

    So would saving money and getting this CPU instead be better for me?
  12. Yeah you could get it and it will be fine. All of these CPUs will be basically the same. Gaming is 90% GPU and 10% CPU. I wouldn't be surprised if you installed each of these in your rig and saw absolutely no difference.
  13. I think im going to get this one.

    Thanks so much for you help.
  14. Anytime! Glad to help.
  15. I have just realised ...

    I have a 650w EZcool PSU.... I have never once seen a good thing said about them and i cannot afford another one.
  16. get an antec vp-450. Cheap and very high quality. Will run a 7850 no problem.
  17. Thing is mate, I have no money left at all. I actually cant afford it... All my stuff has been paid for and ordered from suppliers so no refunds there....
  18. I don't know what to tell you. You could chance it with the one you have until you have money for a vp-450. Its only like $36
  19. You sure that 450 W will run my pc perfectly + all my fans and stuff?
  20. Do you have like a gazillion LEDs? if not then you will be fine for sure. Any pro will tell you a vp-450 will run a 7850 24/365 no problems. It has plenty of amps on the +12v rail
  21. I have just worked some stuff out and i will have about £40 for a PSU.

    I need to know the actual brand and wattage of a few good ones so i can show them to him tomorrow. He kept telling me this one was fine and i knew it wasn't.
  22. Im from the UK Btw
  23. only buy from Antec, XFX, Seasonic, Corsair.
  24. I have found

    450W XFX Pro Series ATX PSU with EasyRail™ Technology - £39
  25. Il write those down now.

    Should i be safe and go for a 500 or 550w?
  26. You can if you like. Anything over 550w will be overkill for your needs.
  27. Thanks so much, I wrote those down

    and il look for a 500-550w.

    Thanks alot dude.
  28. No problem man. Anytime.
  29. Lol, Im back again....

    In all seriousness what is the max wattage i should need? Are you 100% sure a 450w would be fine with my build?

    Or should i go higher to 500/550?

    Reason being is the guy who supplies it all and builds the computers, He needs to make a bit of profit so i dont get them as cheap as the internet.

    I only want one of those brand names though
  30. As long as the 12v+ rail has high amperage you will be fine. This is a good one only $7 out of budget:
  31. The problem is, Buying from him i expect to pay like £20 more... So it will be more ike £65 for that PSU.

    I really dont understand all this PSU stuff with rails and amerage.... .. However im happy to go with 450w if you say its fine.

    I literally need to be told

    This Watt

    This Brand

    Ask him to get it.

    While being cheap as possible.
  32. Yes this will be good. I have it and it is great.
  33. Right, I have it written down and priced for tomorrow.

    I truly hope you are right about this as there is no going back!

    Thank you very much for your help.
  34. No problem man. It will be good!
  35. I have just found out that they cannot get the MSI Radeon HD 7850...

    Instead they got me the Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 2gb OC Edition.

    Is this just as good? and will it still be fine on a 450w?

    Or would this be better?
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