Bios shows but then no video output? Need Help!

Well i just installed an new aftermarket cooler on my MSI 6850.

When I plugged it in the fans spin, and I can go into the Bios, so obviously the video output isn't bad, but after the bios, my monitor says "No signal".

Anyone have an idea on what to do?
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  1. It can be that windows think your primary video card is your Intergrated one. Try disabling any other graphics cards in the BIOS to prevent this issue.

    If you cannot disable them, try swapping your cables behind your computer. (I assume you have more than one video output.)

    Try finding which one is the one windows uses, and you can change it afterwards in the AMD's CCC or the windows' Screen Resolution settings.

    -Hope it helps! :)
  2. I just did a retest and I was wrong. What really is happening is it works for about 10 seconds, bios or not. and after that it gives no signal. I've tried 2 monitors on two outputs.

    Could this be a motherboard problem? Or a graphics card problem.
  3. Try removing your graphic card and use the integrated one. If it works without a problem, it would be a issue with your current graphic card, or with the PCI-E Slot.

  4. I have no integrated graphics. My motherboard doesn't have video outputs
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