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I'm having some hardware issues with a system I just had put togethor 16 months ago...Starting to upset me and I could really use your help. I appreciate your time. I know it is a lengthy explanation.

gigabyte 880GA-UD3H AM3
phenom II 965 3.4ghz
western digital WD10EALS 1tb sata II 32mb
mushkin 996744 DDR3 PC3-12800 2X2GB
sapphire radeon HD5850 1gb GDDR5 PCI-E

patriot PS-100 32GB sata II SSD
iMicro 3.5" allinone card reader

When I first setup the system, I ran into some troubles with the SSD drive (I believe it was freezing up and just being slow.) After reading they were a common pain, I was happier to just installed windows on the WD and use that. It worked fine for the 15 months with no issues.
In the past month, WoW would freeze up once in awhile and I would be forced to reboot. The last time this happened, when I got back to window, it was incredibly slow. (i got program is not responding on everything I tried to do, such as open internet explorer, or even click the start button).

So, I:
-Tried a system restore to a previous date.
-Tried windows memory diagnostic and it finished fine without errors.
-Tried running a CHKDSK, and noticed it did find two bad sectors and apparently fixed them. (it took like 14 hrs to run this CHKDSK, and when I woke up the next morning, the system was running the windows "startup repair". Windows must have failed to start after this CHKDSK finished and the system restarted. After 12+ hours or so in the startup repair, of "fixing disk errors. this may take over an hour" I figured something was wrong and restarted.)

-Tried plugging the monitor into the onboard video.
-Tried pulling each stick of ram individually.
-Tried running windows install from the CD, and it would freeze up. eventually it did load and almost installed windows. (it took 4+ hrs to "extract windows files".) Ultimately, windows wouldn't load after the install; it would just say "Setup is starting" and freeze up, and restart itself in a continuous loop. I tried to start in safe mode, and it froze up on 'disk.sys'.

And finally...
I tried to install windows on the SSD drive and that was moving incredibly slow as well, and eventually just crashed and said windows failed to install. It really sounds like the hard drive to me. But both of them being broken seems a bit too coincidential.

This is upsetting me....A fairly new computer failing like this. I have computers much older still running.
Does anyone have any idea which piece of hardware would be failing here?
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  1. bump...?
  2. For sure is your Hard Drive Problem you can load Crystal Disk info and see the internal SMART on the HD...

    Look like you need to replace the HD..

    if you want to use the SSD for the OS try Disconnect the HD first and install with only the SSD... look like the HD is not just have bad sector error..
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