ASUS 660ti OC DirectCU II cooler to big for SLI?

Hey All,

I'm looking to setup up my rather new system into an SLI setup and when I researched the parts for my computer being fairly new to PC building I'm still learning by day.

When speaking to one associate at a local store he mentioned stability issues, which I knew that using the same SKU is best and keeps most stability issues to a minimum, and that in some games no improvement is shown. Thought what caught me off guard was the fact that he said the Cooler on my GPU would be to big for an SLI setup and that some games will not run unless you pull the bridge off thus forcing it back to a single card.

My Mobo is a Z77 Sabertooth, and as mentioned is running a ASUS 660ti OC DirectCU II GPU.... now is he is messing with me or not? I really don't want too sink 300 dollars to find I'm SOL on putting the card into my machine, I know I should've probably gone with a 680 or 670 but hindsight is 20/20.

Or should I just stick with the single 660 Ti as within the next 6 months I maybe doing another build, but slightly lower end and sink the money for the 680 or 670

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    On your motherboard, the two X16 slots are well separated, so there should be no problem fittting two cards, even 3 slot wide ones.. You will need a 3 slot bridge to connect them.

    I do not much like dual cards when one good card will do the job. The GTX660ti is a fine card, and I suggest you use it for a while, see how it goes. If you are using only a single 1080P monitor, you will do very well.

    If you need more, then sli is an option, assuming that you have a sufficiently strong psu(650w).
    I don't think that a GTX680 is a sufficiently strong upgrade to replace a GTX660ti. More likely, we will see the GTX7xx series, or the amd 8xxx series which should be a big upgrade. Then it will be simplest to sell the GTX660ti in favor of the next best thing.
  2. Your local store associate is messing with you.

    The SABERTOOTH Z77 motherboard package even includes the correct SLI bridge connector.

    Here's an example of a 4-way SLI setup using four ASUS GeForce GTX 660 Ti cards with the same cooler that your cards use. It doesn't have the breathing space between the cards that you will have.

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