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I have been looking around put would like some advice from a impartial person. I am a software Developer coding C# applications also some SQL and a bit of VBA. I need a computer which will be able to:

-Run Visual Studio
-Run Virtual Machines
-Handle Large amounts of Data
-Will not need a Monitor
-Do not need OS
-Overclocking: No
-Purchase Data: Within a Month
-Dual - Monitors (Resolution: 2048 x 1152)
-SLI or Crossfire:No
-Location: UK

I was thinking about getting a laptop as It would benefit for me to code on the go, and then plug it in to dual monitors when I get home and work. I do not want to build my computer as I have not got the time. Also I would like a company which provides good support. I was thinking Dell etc.

My budget is around £1000, it would be good for any advice and any links to any computers. Again I would prefer a Laptop but if a desktop is a much better buy then will go for a desktop.

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  1. - get a CPU with VT (Virtual Technology) capabilities enabled. This will enable you to install virtual machines easy
    - get as much RAM as possible. This will help virtualization as well
    - get as much HDD as you think will be necessary. I would not go SSD route (unless you get 17" laptop with two HDD bays)
    - last, but not least - get matte (non-glossy) HD screen (1920x1080). Everything else is upgradeable later on

    At least here in USA, retail stores do not seem to stock laptops with HD screens (they are more expensve, therefore harder to sell), but at least Dell have XPSs with good screens.
  2. What about dell Precision a Laptop, do you know if I would be able to plug it in to dual monitors ?
  3. Last time I worked with Precision laptops was quite ago. You will be able to connect two displays through a dock station, so you are looking at either Latitude or Precision. I am not sure any of these has two video connections off laptop itself.

    You can chat with some Dell rep over their web page. Usually I can get the answers I need from them.
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