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I'm building my first gaming pc and would like to know what my components are like, I have a budget of £500/$800 which doesn't include monitor, mouse keyboard or os and I would stretch it if i must. I have chosen an amd as it is cheaper but would like to find an intel just as good but not that expensive or a better amd cpu.

Mother Board: Asus M5A78L am3+ uATX £50.13

CPU : AMD Phenom II X4 965 £71.08

GPU : Palit geforce gtx660 2gb £167.18

PSU : OCZ Modxstream Pro 600w atx £58

RAM : Corsair Vengance 8gb £31.34

HDD : WD caviar blue 500gb sata III 3.5'' £44.97

Optical Drive : LG 24x Sata bare DVD rewriter £13.47

Case : Sharkoon T28 ATX midi £59.27
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  2. The X4 is a great pick for a low budget CPU. If you can spare a few extra bucks an i3-3220 should outperform it in most areas though. Also for the price of that 660, an AMD 7870 will also perform better.
  3. cheers
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