Mass Effect 1 and HD7850

Hello Girls and Guys,

I have just finished a computer for a friend of mine got the latest catalyst for him and installed all the drivers on this system:

CPU: i5-2310
MB: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
RAM: 32gb 1600mhz G.skill ares (over kill I know but I figure that this way he wont run out of ram anytime soon :) )
GFX: Gigabyte HD7870
Win: 7 pro
SSD: 120gb with os installed in the sata 3 port
HDD: 500gb.

All the drivers were new I updated the bois also. But there is a problem (I haven't seen it I am going around to his tomorrow), He is trying to play though the Mass Effect games start to end but its lagging Mass Effect 1. I was under the impresion the 7870 was on par with the 6950 i am using which is smooth as silk on the seires for me.

Any one had any issues like this one and mananged to fix it?
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  1. how about other games?
  2. Hey guys, it seems that we needed to reinstall the Catalyst driver, my friend said he tried it but I tried it and bam it was working.

    The lesson Even if they say they have try it you self. I uninstalled catalyst then reinstalled from a new download of the drivers, encase your looking for an answer on how.
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