Xp 32bit or win 7 64bit and some questions.

Windows XP Professional 32bit or Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for this PC:

Intel G550 @ 2.6GHz
HD 6670 Gigabyte 1GB/DDR3
80GB Maxtor
1x4GB 1333MHz

1) Will this motherboard support Serial ATA connectors for HDD.
2) Can this motherboard run just 1x4GB stick just like 2x2GB?
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  1. I would assume that if could run 1 4gb stick. As for the OS I would say whatever you feel more comfortable with but I would say go for 64bit.
  2. 2x2GB is better i mean more comfortable? And can u answer my 1) question?
  3. I saw that but is there a ATA connectors? And how can i check for Amps on my PSU, and after that i can see what power i need for 6670 1GB DDR3. And would 4GB RAM and 6670 1GB be enough for Win7 64bit
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