Cold boot: power button > power off and then start normally?!


I'm having sort of a 'problem' with my system. Not really a problem because it is working very well, but basically something that worries me.

When I do a cold boot (system powered off -and switched off- for over 12 hours) and push the power button, I get this:
1) System powers on, fans start spinning...for 1 second
2) Then system powers off...for about 3 seconds
3) Systems powers on again and works fine from then on

Why is my system doing this on cold boot? Is it something to worry about?

I'm running a 3930K CPU @ 4.4GHz.

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  1. that is a basic thing tha tasus motherboards do and some other types of mobo's do, if it is not giving you any problems(no post) then dont worry about it its perfectly normal
  2. Yea mine actually does it. It doesnt really affect anything.
  3. yeah, just a normal part of the mobo, weird but does not mean any damage or problems
  4. Phew, glad to hear it' no biggy!

    Thanks for pointing it out it's an 'Asus thing'.

  5. no problem :na:

    dont forget to pick a "best answer" and i was glade to help :D
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