Newly Built PC Wont Start

I just received a new computer case and assembled the computer. The computer does not boot and I don't believe the is a POST beep either. When I press the power button, the computer fans would spin ,and the LEDs would light up, but nothing would turn on. I would have to unplug the computer to shut it off. I then realized I forgot to plug in the 8-pin connection from the PSU. After I plugged that in, the fans would spin and the LEDs would light up, but only for a good second the shut down. I've tried just about everything and I need help please!

Computer Specs:
2.8 Ghz AMD Processor
600 Watt PSU
XFX R7770 GPU with Ghost Thermal Technology
ASRock Motherboard
8 GB of RAM with Heatsinks
Windows 7 Pro
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  1. can you post a photo of the setup as configured right now? it could be a motherboard short, did you wear the static band?

    edit: I'm just throwing guesses out there, not a whole lot of info given but I've never had that particular issue from a homebuild before.
  2. I did not wear a static band, but I did ground myself on the outside of the box, give me a minute to get a photo. Thanks, Nick.
  3. Also, if you need more info, just ask. I've never built a computer before but I have worked with them a lot in the past.
  4. Its hard to tell from the images.

    Here's what I tell friends and co-workers when this happens: Don't panic. In all likelihood you didn't get bad parts and you haven't permanently damaged anything but you did make a mistake somewhere.

    When this happens to me and I just can't find the issue I take everything out and disconnect everything. Leave in the CPU, CPU fan, and the PSU but make sure the psu is disconnected. Everything else, all other wires everything should be either out of the case or disconnected this includes ram.

    Run the 2 or 3 power lines that belong on the motherboard to the motherboard I'd need to know the exact motherboard to be more detailed on this point but there will at least be an 8pin and a 24pin power cable. there may be a molex connector near the pci express slots somewhere.

    Plug in the speaker to the four pins that it owns near the power button pins. NOT AN EXTERNAL SPEAKER an external wont do anything.

    Plug in your power button.

    you should have a computer with a motherboard that has 2 or 3 power lines running into it, your internal speaker, a cpu, and a cpu heatsink. You're trying to make the computer beep. Plug it in and press the power button. If it beeps add one stick of ram and the video card and test. continue adding parts slowly until its either built or it suddenly starts working.
  5. If it doesn't beep with this ultra simple setup then something is wrong and I would start by calling the motherboard manufacturer as they tend to be very helpful.
  6. I tried it and it worked the first time (nothing on the screen obviously), but when I tried after unplugging it to turn it off, it wouldn't come back on at all. I didn't change anything either, now nothing happens when I press the power button. I also didn't hear a beep.
  7. I checked that out a few days already. I really appreciate everyones help, but I think I'll just bring it down to Best Buy and have the Geek Squad check it out or something. Thank you though!
  8. Check the back of your PSU. When you try to turn it on is the PSU power switch set to l or O? To turn on, you should have it set to l. If you plug it in set to l and then switch it to 0 to turn the power on, it will do exactly what you have described. Give it a check and let me know how it turns out. I'd like to know that I'm not the only person who's ever done this before... :)
  9. The switch was set to l. I'm sure youre not the only person thats done it ;) Thank you though, Nick.
  10. Did you try to reset your PSU? Click it off and on a couple of time real fast. Can't hurt.
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