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Hey guys! I am new brand new to the forums, but I thought this would be a good place to ask my question. I am planning on building a gaming computer. I love dealing with computer and am a computer science major, however I dont know a whole lot about individual computer components so I dont know what parts would make the best pc. I am looking to build one for around 800-1000 dollars. I found this one site: and I thought the parts in there looked good but Im not sure. Could anyone steer me in the right direction? Oh, and I would need a site that shows how to put it together as I have never done it before.
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  1. Will you need to buy monitor/keyboard/mouse/OS?
  2. I will need an OS and a keyboard. But I have a monitor and a mouse. But hose can be supplemental. So if you can tell me what parts are great and add up to about 800-1000 I can add in the extras afterwards
  3. Will you mostly be using this system for gaming?
  4. Yup sure will! I just want to be able to run the most recent games at a good setting. The computer I have now is going out of date so I really want a fast one
  5. Here's a solid build that will max most games.
  6. Will that i5 be good as compared to an i7? Like I said, Im trying to learn about all this computer stuff but Im not entirely sure how the difference between the two can affect performance
  7. Also, do you know where I could find a tutorial about how to put it together?
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    You will see no difference at all between the i5 and the i7 when gaming. Only comes out in heavy video editing. Gaming is 90% GPU and 10% CPU.
  9. Dude I cant thank you enough! Now I need to get to learning all about the individual components...
  10. Anytime man! Always glad to help. Feel free to hit me up if you need anything.
  11. Thanks!
  12. I realized one thing i was missing. What could I use to make my custom PC wireless? I know there are USB options available. But are those any good? I was thinking there were some that needed to be installed inside the computer? Which one would be best?
  13. Anything like this will be fine if you want an internal card:

    Or if you want to go usb you can get:
  14. Is either better than the other?
  15. Its all personal preference. I have a cheap-o usb one that i use in my dorm room because we can't have routers. This one actually:

    Its not got great range but it gets the job done for me. If I did it again I would get this:

    Its dual band and goes up to 450 Mbps
  16. Ok thank you, I appreciate it
  17. No problem. Always glad to help out.
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