Black Screen while playing World of Warcraft

I am having serious issues trying to play World of Warcraft on my computer. To be a bit more specific, within the past hour I have received 16 error messages all stating the following message, “A problem with your video hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly.” I’ve tried to re-create this error in other games, but haven’t been successful. Below there is a detailed description of the problem, and a list of steps I have taken to try to remedy the issue, without success.

Specifics about the problem:
I’ll be playing World of Warcraft and without any warning my screen goes black. Along with a black screen, my graphics card fan goes to its lowest setting. After about 1-2 seconds of a black screen a window in the bottom left corner of my screen shows up saying the above bolded message. Shortly after that, once I’ve entered World of Warcraft again, my screen may go black or it may not. There have been times when it will repeatedly go black then show wow just long enough for me click on it, then just go black again, until eventually the screen freezes and my sound gets muffle. The only fix in this situation is to force a restart by holding the power button. Other times it will go black then be perfectly fine for an hour or two. Other things I’ve noticed is all my spell icons and buffs go black after one of these blackouts. The game doesn’t close when it goes black.

Steps I have taken to try and fix the problem:
1) Disabled all addons.
2) Run a single monitor. (I only use my second monitor for internet, don’t play World of Warcraft on it.)
3) Re-installed World of Warcraft from scratch
4) Removed all previous graphics drivers and installed the latest (Cleaned all the drivers off using Driver Fusion and re-installed the latest driver from Nvidia’s website)
5) Replaced my graphics card. (I would also like to note the one sent in they didn’t detect any defects with, regardless they send me a new one)
I would also like to note that I’ve stress tested my graphics card using EVGA OC Scanner; which if you’re not familiar with it, runs your graphics card at full load for as long as you keep the program running. I haven’t managed to re-create the error this way.

If you have any idea on how to fix the problem, I would really like to know. Thanks for your time.

Additonal note: I'm going to try and upload some pictures of Windows Reliability monitor, maybe give you some additonal details about the problem.

Reliability Monitor Overview -
Reliability Monitor Detailed -

System Specifications:
Motherboard – Gigabyte Z68XP-UD3
Processor – intel Core i5 2500
Ram – 3x (2G Corsair PC3-10700M)
Graphics – Nvidia GTX 570 (Manufactured by EVGA)
Driver Version: 306.23
Gaming Temperature (Using EVGA Precision): 58-60 degrees Celsius
Power Supply – Seasonic X Series 850Watt (80 plus gold)
Hard Drive – Western Digital 1Tb Hard Drive
Operating System – Windows 7 64bit Home Premium
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  1. Thanks to Kazimierz on the World of Warcraft forums, my problem was solved!

    The solution is to switch your DirectX to 9.

    I haven't had the problem since I changed that setting.

    Link to World of Warcraft Forum post:
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