2 x 7850, or sell and upgrade to HD 8000's

Yeah, so thats pretty much my dilemma. I currently have a 7850, going fantastic with my overclocks, as you can see in my signature, but I feel when I upgrade to a 1440p monitor later this year, whether that will be enough. I've pretty much assured myself to upgrade by next year February to get ready for Crysis 3 at 1440p. I know my current 7850 will be slaughtered, so I am either considering to sell my 7850, which will hopefully be worth around $120 by next year, and grab either a 8950/70, or keep it and then just buy a brand new 7850 for like $160, next year.

What do you guys think?
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    Woot... 1400 MHz? Teach me how to do that?

    How much did you get on P-score 3DMark 11?

    I would honestly grab a 8950/8970, you're getting an upgrade for next year right? Probably getting a 7850 CF is much worse that time than buying a new 8950/8970.
  2. 3DMark doesn't work for me unfortunately :( .. seems to crash whenever I open it, I reinstalled it several times to no success.

    Yeah, I might grab a 8970, if its worth it, and the Asus Dcii version is two slots. Thanks for your input :D

    Haha, it took me literally a week of testing to actually stabilise those overclocks, including bricking my card once to get the unlocked bios haha, simple fix but.

    It still overheats like crap though, seriously I hit 90 degrees sometimes when I'm gaming without V-sync, I put pretty high voltage to stabilise that thing. I'm not too good with watercooling, so I can't really mitigate the issue, but it runs on 90 just fine.
  3. how about unigine heaven?
  4. Hardly seen anyone OCing to 1400mhz
    Don't prefer CF..... So..
    +1 for 8000s
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